Ocala House
Our team arrives regularly to mow all areas of your property to ensure that your lawn always remains in great shape. Making sure you come home to a beautifully manicured lawn is our guarantee for your peace of mind.
Pruning and Hedge Trimming
Trimming & Edging
We carefully and respectfully “string trim” around any obstacles on your property. Hedge trimming and edging around barriers is necessary to giving your lawn a complete and flawlessly polished look.
With routine fertilizer applications, lawns thrive throughout the entire growing season. We use the best fertilizers on the market to provide a consistent green color to your lawn, making all the difference to the view of your home or business.
Cutting Branches and Shrubs
Any dead or overgrown branches and stems of shrubs on your property will be cut away in order to promote growth and maintain a clean manicured look.
Weed Removal
Weed Removal
Gone are the days of uneven lawn growth and a backyard that has more weeds than grass. At Sharp Cutz, we keep your safety in mind while making sure to successfully control weed growth to maintain a polished look.
Seasonal Cleanup Ocala FL
Seasonal Cleanup & Leaf Removal
Our maintenance service is not complete until we've cleaned up your walkways, patios, driveway and pool area. We include cleanup services in our maintenance package so you can enjoy your lawn all summer long and have peace of mind that your property will be clean for the rest of the year.

Why choose us?

The non-focused customer approach that many lawn care businesses use has led to poor customer satisfaction, poor results and has given the lawn care industry a bad name. In other words, not enough landscaping businesses pay attention to the individual differences of their customers.

At Sharp Cutz Lawn Care, we provide a targeted and personalized approach to each of our customers with a close attention to detail so that your needs are met without the hassle.

We do not charge extra for what is necessary in our maintenance package. No hidden fees or sneaky business.
The first thing we have in mind is the safety of your kids and pets which is why we make sure to follow the necessary safety guidelines to put your mind at ease when maintaining your lawn.
Being a local, family owned business allows us to be quick on our feet to satisfy your landscaping needs. We show up more frequently and contact you before each service.