Questions & Answers

What Areas do You Service?
Sharp Cutz services in Ocala, FL and surrounding areas.
What Size Jobs do You Work on?
We work with all sizes and budgets in Ocala from big corporations to residential homes catered to the individual needs of your landscape.
Do You Guaruntee Your Work?
We stand behind our work, and if it's not right, we will do what is necessary to make it right. Our service is value based and tailored to your needs. We don't make empty promises and long term relationships are our number one goal as a local business. 100% satisfaction is our guarantee.
Do You Offer Landscaping Services to Properties That are Still in the Process of Being Built?
Yes. We can work together to discuss what you'd like for the front and backyard, and we'll begin as soon as construction on your property is complete.
What are Your Terms of Payment?
We accept all types of payment including credit card, check, cash, etc.